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The Titan is a full body smoke from Nicaragua. The tobaccos are finely selected and processed to produce a smooth enjoyable experience. We blend for flavor and then strength in order to fully appreciate the tobaccos without harshness. The Titan is blended with Tobaccos from Jalapa and from the Volcanic island of Ometepe, Nicaragua. 
It is offered here in Cedar boxes of 24 and in 4 Sizes: The beautiful and majestic 6.5 inches x 56 girth Figurado tapered at both ends, a Gordo Especial of 6.5 x 54. The Titan is also offered in Two Torpedo shapes: The Unique Double Torpedo at 6 x 58 and also a Belicoso at 6.5 x 54. These are cigars that are well aged and will be enjoyed immensely. The Titan is definitely not meant for the Mild crowd. The Titans are robust and bold from the Tobaccos of Jalapa and sweetness throughout from the Tobaccos of the Island of Ometepe.