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From the volcanic island of Ometepe and the fertile Jalapa valley of Nicaragua to the sun-kissed Jamastran valley of Honduras, our tobacco leaves are grown and cured to perfection, expertly blended to produce an exquisite combination of smoothness and flavor. All of our cigars are carefully hand-rolled by generational artisans, and aged for years on end before being packed and shipped. Each cigar box is custom made as well, cut from carefully selected cedar woods, individually shaped, etched, painted and sealed, all by hand in our factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

The Legends logo is our promise to you that you will enjoy cigars crafted using the highest quality tobacco coupled with the best standards of premium hand made cigars. From planting seed to ground and through the final touches of production, we carefully monitor all the steps to bring you an exceptional experience. The proof is when you light up one of our cigars. Go ahead, cut and light one up. Alone or with friends, you will definitely enjoy it to the very last puff.

Our fervent thanks for choosing the Legends brand. We love making our cigars. Now, it is time for you to enjoy them as much as we do!